Professional Poker Player

How to Become a Professional Poker Player

A person does not become a professional in a week – everyone knows this fact. It takes time and hard work. But the first and the most important pre-requisite to becoming a professional poker player is patience. Being a professional poker player is very different from cooking – there is no fixed recipe that you must follow. The outcome can be very different. To help learners to start from some place, this article shares a few tips given by professional poker players all over the world.

Real experience

Being a professional poker player is not like playing poker online. The potential player must throw himself in the actual field. Experience cannot be gained from playing online to make some quick cash. To be a professional, the player has to enter a real casino, feel the glamour, remain focused among all the distractions, feel the heat and noise of people, and most importantly, face the situation of losing in front of all others.

Record Keeping

If a person wants to have a good time playing poker, he can play without even considering the odds. Being a professional asks for a lot more. Being a professional is like studying. The player must maintain notes about the game from his real experience, recording every expression, bets, wins and losses; in short, everything is very important. The player must go through his notes before every new game, and also keep his mind open to new strategies which he might learn on the field.


People may say that to be the best, the player must have a winning attitude. This is a common fallacy. To be the master, the player must have a learning attitude. And there is no learning if the player does not get to deal with losses. Earning money is not the primary goal before becoming a professional, it is a goal after becoming the professional. The learner must keep aside a certain sum of money that he can afford to lose. This is the key to becoming a professional poker player.

Knowing when to walk out

Playing any game for a continuous stretch makes the brain dull. A world class poker player knows when to walk out of the game. He goes for a walk, gets a drink, or simply quits. He also knows that winning continuously is not exactly a positive sign. He takes a quick break. A professional poker player must know when to walk out of the game.


Mind it that bluffing is a very effective tool. Using it is like releasing the Kraken out of its den. But amateurs tend to overuse it, occasioning the deterioration of the effects generated by bluffing. A pursuer of mastery in poker must know exactly how to use this weapon. It must be used to the most optimum number of times.


How to become a professional poker player – is a very honest question. But a beginner must keep in mind that it is a difficult path. Still, in the end, the feeling is amazing.