Monkey Thunderbolt Review- Get Ready to Race to the Top

Monkey Thunderbolt Review- Get Ready to Race to the Top

One of the newest online betting games in Malaysia and the rest of the region is the Monkey Thunderbolt. This Monkey Thunderbolt review provides a closer look at the gameplay, tips to win and features of this betting game. Monkey Thunderbolt is a game inspired by the legendary story of monkeys which have reached the top of the world in a very short period. The ultimate way to win this betting game is to predict which could be the next Thunderbolt King. The king has the capability to rule the world for the next 100 years.

The Monkey Thunderbolt always follows firm and strict rules in every race participated in by monkeys. During races, monkeys are bound to encounter challenges of different level of difficulties and rewards as well. Challenges may include random birds that can move a player out of the race. There are also runner ups for which the players can wager.


Features of Monkey Thunderbolt

This betting game offers unlimited table seats for players and features a special countdown timer with amazing sounds. It contains a panel that has several winning combinations. This monkey slot seems to attract its customers with its jackpot appealing animation on screen and multiplier awards in every race. In order to get a clearer view on the monkeys in the Monkey Thunderbolt, players can zoom in the screen. What’s best about Monkey Thunderbolt is its higher level of compatibility even with a desktop client or a web browser.


Monkey Thunderbolt Gameplay

You will need a starting capital of 100 Malaysian Ringgit in order to place your bets on Monkey Thunderbolt. For every game played by players, they are given 2 minutes. If the remaining time is only 10 seconds left, the countdown timer will produce a sound. So, if you are just a beginner, don’t get startled with the sound made when the game is about to end since it’s programmed. Table seats are sufficient which gamers can choose from. The only way you can start making money with Monkey Thunderbolt is to place your maximum bet on your chosen monkey. Though it offers a complex panel, it can still be beneficial as it allows gamers to bet with greater odds.


Monkey Thunderbolt Bonuses

This slot offers deposit bonus for newly registered players, just like with other slots and casino games. It is also possible for players to have multiple new deposit accounts. Monkey Thunderbolt also attracts players with its special bonus. To get to know the special bonus offer, it pays to check the online casino gaming site, and to have a clear understanding of the game condition, as well as the benefits of advertised bonus.


The unforgettable experience and larger winnings provided by Monkey Thunderbolt makes it more appealing to players. Besides betting on the winning monkey, you can also place your bets on the monkeys who will take the second and third places. Playing and winning in this slot game is so easy, because you only need to predict the outcome. So read this Monkey Thunderbolt review, and start predicting the outcome.



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