Is Automatic Shuffler Better Than Hand Shuffle When Playing Poker

Is Automatic Shuffler Better Than Hand Shuffle When Playing Poker 

Scientists and industries, or possibly everyone in the first world countries, believe that machines and artificial intelligence would replace humans. Leaving all aside, this can be already witnessed in the current decade. Technology has replaced men and indirectly rose unemployment. Leaving the economic perspective aside, these replacements can be seen in one of the most glamorous and exciting places in the world – the casino. This article discusses a few of the experiences of many players and attempts to answer – Is the automatic shuffler better than hand shuffle when playing poker.

Nobody has free time

Considering today’s environment, there is one thing that nobody can tolerate – lack of speed. Whether in communication, or gambling, speed is a great demand for participants. Automatic shufflers save the time in 2 ways –

  • They shuffle the pack in an accurate manner and ensure a random distribution of cards every time.
  • Dealing cards, two or three at a time, is made a lot easier and faster with automatic shufflers.

Different games

The specialty of shufflers cannot be witnessed in all games. Automatic shufflers don’t make a difference in the case of blackjack where there is hardly any dealing required. Cards are dealt one a time and that also only twice. But it is highly useful when the game requires a huge deal of shuffling, like in the case of poker.

Stacking of cards

Few players have alleged that the machine develops a certain pattern. After the one round the cards are collected from the table in a certain way. It may so happen that the good cards are placed one after the other and then the bad ones. After they are put into the shuffler, though the cards are shuffled randomly, the machine develops a pattern, and the good cards are always together throughout the deck. Thus, the one who gets one good card is the most probable to get another one. Now the question can be asked in a negative sense- is the automatic shuffler better than hand shuffle when playing poker?

As a replacement?

Automatic card shufflers serve their purposes when playing poker indoors. They enhance the indoor game experience and impart a casino-like vibe to the players. Speed and accuracy of shuffling save the nominated dealer from a lot of embarrassments. But, in the end, it is about the casino like vibe. Hence, when in an actual land based casino, a real, efficient dealer is much better. Machines make the game too mechanical or dull. Gambling is not only about how quickly can someone make some hard cash, but it is also about the glamour, thrill, and entertainment that a land based casino can only provide. And an actual human shuffler adds to this glamour.


Like any other mechanical device, automatic shufflers have its pros and cons. No one can take an extreme stand in the debate – is automatic shuffler better than hand shuffle when playing poker because players have different experiences in the game with automatic shuffler. Their experiences are totally subjective in nature.

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